Mark Cuban continues to put his money where his mouth is


Mark Cuban badgers officials. He needles the league office. He antagonizes opposing players and fans. He recently advised me on Twitter to notify him when I got a clue after a crack about Vince Carter.

But he walks the walk.

Cuban notoriously matches every fine he gets from the league for whatever acerbic thing he says or does regarding the officiating of a contest with a donation, and his $75,000 fine for comments the other night is no exception. From ESPN Dallas:

Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, continuing his tradition of making a charitable donation to match every dollar the NBA fines him, announced that he will donate $75,000 to 1 Million 4 Anna.

The foundation fights Ewing’s Sarcoma, a form of children’s cancer. It is in memory of Anna Lee Basso, who died of the disease at the age of 18 in June.

via Mark Cuban donates $75K to 1 Million 4 Anna – Dallas Mavericks Blog – ESPN Dallas.

You may not like Cuban. You may not agree with Cuban. You may desperately wish he’d shut up. But the immense amount of good that he converts his fines into on a consistent basis cannot be ignored.

Cuban spends to get good players. He spends to get quality staff. He spends to have top-rate facilities. He spends to think outside the box. And he spends to turn something stupid into something positive. That’s just Cuban.