Gilbert Arenas apparently had “Kobe procedure” on knees


At some point this season, some team is going to take a chance on Gilbert Arenas. Despite the rumors I don’t think that team will be the Lakers, but somebody will.

And the guy they are getting apparently had the same experimental, German procedure on his knees that Kobe Bryant had.

That’s what Arenas’ former teammate and friend Nick Young told Kyle Weidie of Truth About It (a great Wizards blog).

“Yea, he’s been working out. He said he got the — I don’t know if I’m supposed to say this — but he got that Kobe treatment on his knees… [reporter makes joke about The Kobe System] “Yea, yea… you could say it’s the Kobe System, but he said it feels great, his knees feel great, and he’s been working out. When I seen him last time, he looked like he was in shape. He lost a lot of weight.”

Arenas didn’t play poorly last year, he just wasn’t a great fit for what the Magic want to do (which Orlando GM should have realized before the trade, he can’t shoot from distance and he’s not the shot creator he once was). But he was a solid veteran backup type guy in Washington, he can be again. Somewhere. And that team may get better knees than they expect.