Kings deny GM Geoff Petrie’s job in danger. Of course.


This is the cycle of things. First comes the report yesterday that the Kings — or at least part of the Kings management — has started to look at potential replacements for general manager Geoff Petrie.

Now, comes the routine denial. From co-owner Joe Maloof via the Sacramento Bee.

“No, this is not true,” Maloof texted The Bee. “I had heard about (the rumor). We will be fine. We have had the toughest schedule in the league by far.”

Three thoughts.

First, of course he said that. What else is Maloof going to say? Whether or not the report about Petrie is true Maloof is going to give his GM a vote of confidence in a public forum. To think that what the owner tells a paper in a text message is “forceful” or unvarnished truth is to be truly naïve.

Second, the Kings should be thinking about a replacement. Petrie had some good years there but he hasn’t in a while. The Kings are not very good but are very mismatched, and it is Petrie who brought in the players and hired a succession of bad coaches.

Third, the condescending tone from the Bee about the blog Sactown Royalty (where the first report came from) is really unnecessary. The guy who runs Sactown (Tom Ziller) is from a newspaper background and isn’t a sensationalist. Fact is, the analysis of the Kings has been better at Sactown than it has been in the Bee for years. There’s a reason everybody reads it.