Carmelo returns to Knicks lineup Tuesday night


From the New York Times’ Howard Beck, via Steve Adamak:

Report from @bergenadamek at the Garden: Carmelo is back in the lineup tonight vs. Detroit.

Anthony’s struggles this season have been well-documented: he is currently behind only LeBron James and Kobe Bryant in usage rate, but he’s shooting just 39.4% from the floor and 30.3% from beyond the arc, he’s been a ball-stopper, and the Knicks are currently one of the worst offensive teams in the league. Anthony has been banged-up all season, which may account for his struggles — if he’s on the floor for the Knicks, one would hope that he’s either healthy enough to score the ball the way he has throughout the vast majority of his career or ready to stop firing up shots that don’t have much of a chance of going in.