LeBron James says Knicks fans should be patient


Just so we’re clear, LeBron James is preaching patience to New Yorkers. Good luck with that.

The Knicks are struggling this season and now get to face the Heat Friday without Carmelo Anthony, who is taking the weekend off. In their first full season with ‘Melo, Amare Stoudemire and Tyson Chandler there were high expectations. But the lack of a good point guard, or depth period, and the struggles of ‘Melo as a point forward have the Knicks in trouble so far.

Which brings us back to LeBron and being patient. Via the New York Post.

“It takes time,’’ James said Wednesday night from Detroit, where his Heat played the Pistons. “It’s never going to work right overnight, and we were the prime example of that. It took us time. We were 9-8 at one point, but it took us even longer after that to become a good team, to know each other, to learn each other, what works for each other, what don’t work. I think they’re going through the same thing right now but people want results now. That’s just the league and the world we leave in.’’

Thing is, there was always the sense the Heat were going to start figuring it out on offense. They played good defense and it was just a matter of time until the offense came around. You don’t get that feeling with the Knicks. They are counting on Baron Davis — a guy the Clippers and Cavaliers didn’t want — to be their savior at the point. The fixes in New York are more dramatic than just time.

Plus, you’re preaching patience to James Dolan and New Yorkers. You might as well try to convince them Chicago pizza is better.