Dwight Howard says Orlando needs to make “changes”


Just a reminder Orlando: despite your fast start you still have the Sword of Dwight Howard hanging over your head.

Howard can opt out of his contract at the end of this season and become a free agent. He has consistently said he wants to play somewhere he can win a ring and two ugly losses this week to Boston — one where the Magic just scored 56 points, one where they blew a 27-point lead — serves as a reminder how far Orlando is from that status.

Magic fans can’t read his comments in the Orlando Sentinel after Thursday’s loss and feel comfortable.

“We thought it was going to be easy after the first two quarters,” Howard said. “We can’t allow that. We have to change….”

“We didn’t play the right way and we have to change,” he said. “Everybody just can’t come down (the floor) and feel like they have to take the game over. You just have to play team-ball and play the way we want to play. We didn’t do that.”

On the bright side Orlando fans, at least he said “we.” He is including himself in the meltdowns (as he should).

But he is frustrated. And if he is frustrated at the end of the season when the Magic fall to the Heat or Bulls in the second round, it’s going to be hard to keep him.

Are we in the media parsing out everything Howard says right now? Yes. The best center on the planet (no matter what Shaq thinks) could be a free agent. It’s a big deal. For the record, as we approach the All-Star Game and head into the trading deadline all of this is only going to get worse. Just a warning.