Andrew Bogut out two to three months. Sorry Bucks fans.


The official report on Andrew Bogut’s fractured ankle is out and well, it’s not good if you had visions of the Bucks in the playoffs.

Andrew Bogut will be out 8 to 12 weeks with his fractured ankle, the team announced on Friday. Bad news. That is essentially the rest of the season. Bad news.

Why bad? That means more Larry Sanders, more Jon Brockman, more Tobias Harris and Jon Leuer and Drew Gooden and Mike Dunleavy. Argue all you want that Andrew Bogut is overrated, he scores 11.3 points and grabs 8.3 rebounds’s per game — Bobut is not underrated compared to the guys who take his minutes.

The Bucks at 7-10 are the 8 seed in the East right now, but that is about to drop.

Bogut could be back for the last couple weeks of the regular season, but by that point will it matter for Milwaukee?

Bogut’s injury was a fluke — go up to block a shot and land on an opponent’s foot, rolling your ankle and breaking it. Just bad luck. Which seems to follow Bogut along. And the Bucks. Sucks for them.

Hopefully he can make a full recovery and next season….