Timberwolves’ Ricky Rubio looking stylish in GQ spread


Ricky Rubio is answering the questions on the court.

Which means a lot more people want to ask him questions.

He is an in-demand media request but he handles it — like he handles pressure on the court — with the calm demeanor of a veteran. Probably has something to do with him having played in the highest levels of Spanish basketball since he was 16, having been through the Olympic experience. He is not your normal rookie.

He’s enough of a story that GQ is doing a Q&A with him this month. Here are a few highlights of the Q&A:

On the Timberwolves: “We’re close, it’s just not enough. We’re young, we can do good things, but only if we believe we can, and sometimes in games, we’re like two different teams in the same game. Like in Chicago, in the first quarter we were terrible, and then by the second quarter everything was going well—but we had to recover twenty points in five minutes. We have to play that way from the start.”

Best team he’s faced: “Chicago, in the first quarter in particular. They played really, really well. They didn’t miss any shots. We were able to play better defense as the game went along, but they are so tough, so tough.”

Best point guard he’s faced: “Wow, Derrick Rose. I knew that he was quick, but not that quick. He can move his shot all over the place, he can hit threes—just so tough to guard.”