Andrea Bargnani re-aggravates calf injury, says it’s “worse”

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Andrea Bargnani missed six games with a calf injury, and the Raptors were 0-6. He returns and the pick up two wins — beating Phoenix (where he had 36 points) and in Utah.

But in the overtime against the Raptors, Bargnani hobbled to the bench, apparently re-aggravating the calf injury that had kept him out. Bargnani told the Toronto Star that it was “much worse” this time around.

He will have an MRI on Thursday then we’ll have more answers. But he’s out for a stretch.

Which is bad for the Raptors — Bargnani has been playing at an All-Star level this year, the best in his career by far. He’s setting up more people with his passes, rebounding better and still scoring at a high rate. Without him the Raptors are not the same.