Suns Robin Lopez suspended one game for bumping official


Robin Lopez — like a lot of the Suns players in their loss to the Raptors Tuesday — was frustrated with the officiating. Particularly when he got pushed in the back by Andrea Bargnani with 8:20 left in the second quarter and there was no call made.

So, Lopez ran down the court and made a stupid retaliation reach-in foul on Bargnani. Then stared down the ref. Then tried to walk back past the ref and intentionally grazed him in the process. (You can see it all in these highlights.)

He got ejected for that, with the official saying he was bumped. And now Lopez has been suspended one game, the league has announced.

Lopez will sit out Friday when Phoenix plays Portland.

It wasn’t much of a bump, but the league is not going to let players contact referees. Pretty hard and fast line there. But even then, this is borderline.