Rose admits foot pain may linger for rest of season


Derrick Rose will be back on the court with his Chicago Bulls Monday, slicing and dicing what passes for the New Jersey Nets defense.

He’d missed five games with a sprained big toe, essentially a turf toe injury by any other name. He tested it out at shootaround and then later in warmups and decided he was good enough to go tonight.

But it is he said Monday afternoon should make Bulls fans a little nervous — that this injury was going to likely linger all season long. Here’s the quote, via Aggrey Sam at

“I know that it’s never going to be right this year, but it’s just something I’ve just got to play through,” he said. “It’s my decision. If I choose to go out there and play, it’s up to me.

The Bulls can do okay without him for a stretch — they were 4-1 this time around while he sat. But there may be other times, other stretches this season (especially as the playoffs near) where prudence may dictate resting him for a game or two, let the foot heal somewhat and get back closer to normal.

The Bulls are good, but they are only title contenders if Rose is his explosive self. Which is why the admission he expects this injury to linger all season is a little concerning. Not yet reason for actual worry, Bulls fans, but concerning.