Could Al Horford be the next Players Association president?


After watching the grind that Derek Fisher went through this summer as president of the National Basketball Players Association — the players union — it’s hard to imagine a lot of guys lining up for that job. Then again, look at the pressure and public beating any United States president takes and you wonder why anyone would seek that job as well, yet plenty of candidates (qualified and not so qualified) line up every four years.

Fisher will be on the job as the president of the union as long as he is on the job as the Lakers point guard (such as it is). He seemed one rational head in a room filled with irrationality this summer. He got good reviews from both sides.

But who is next? How about Al Horford, suggests Marc Stein at ESPN.

File away Horford’s name as a likely down-the-road top contender to succeed the Lakers’ Derek Fisher as president of the players’ union….

But when Fisher has had enough — he has two years left on a four-year term after re-election in 2009 — word is that Horford will draw strong consideration as his successor.

Horford, like Fisher, appears level headed. What is interesting is that during the 1999 lockout the union leadership was mostly star players, then after that a concerted effort was put in place to make the leadership more representative of all players. That mandate may stay for the union’s executive committee, but the All-Star Horford would be back to big names.

It may not be a huge issue for a few years, the next opt-out in the Collective Bargaining Agreement is in 2017, six years into the 10-year deal.