Brook Lopez will not be getting extension from New Jersey


Derrick Rose and Russell Westbrook have got their extensions to their rookie deals, and most likely Kevin Love will get one before the deadline next Wednesday.

Brook Lopez will not.

That’s what Nets GM Billy King told

“I’m sure I’ll have a conversation with his agent [Arn Tellem],” King told reporters before Wednesday night’s game against the Golden State Warriors. “But I don’t know if we’ll do anything with him at this point. I think you just have to wait. They may throw a number at you that makes sense.”

This is the smart move — let the market set the price for Lopez. Without an extension he becomes a restricted free agent that other teams can bid on but the Nets will have the rights to match. Big men come at a premium — the Clippers D’Andre Jordan got a $10 million a year offer from the Warriors this summer, which the Clips matched — but Lopez is not a max guy. He can score and is solid, this way you see what the market is for him and then can decide if that is a fair price.

It is possible that Tellem comes in with a reasonable offer that the Nets agree to. It’s also possible Sarah Palin comes out in support of gay marriage. About the same odds.

Lopez remains out right now with a fracture of a bone in his foot. Also, he remains at the heart of the Nets offer for Dwight Howard, however it is rumored Howard is less interested in a trade to the Nets this season as the team will not make the playoffs.