Vince Carter day-to-day after foot injury on final shot

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Vince Carter was the guy who got the shot to try and tie the Lakers Monday night and send a dramatic yet sloppy game to overtime. He missed.

And instantly after he landed he started limping. While the Lakers celebration raged on around them the trainers came out to check on Carter’s foot, even Mark Cuban came out to see what was happening. He had to be helped back to the locker room.

The X-rays came back negative and he is day-to-day, according to the Dallas Morning News. That means no broken bones, but you can expect an MRI Tuesday to provide more details and it may not be good.

“I was going right after I caught it and heard it pop,’’ Carter said. “But it’s not broken.’’

A “pop?” That is reason for some concern. Look for more details on his status in the next 24 hours.