Video: Derek Fisher hits game winner for Lakers


When will people learn to cover Derek Fisher on a potential game winning shot? Let’s be clear — Derek Fisher has almost nothing left and should barely see the court for the Lakers. But what he still has in abundance is a self-confidence that in the biggest moments lets him fearlessly let a shot fly.

Dallas made a smart play, they doubled early to get the ball out of Kobe Bryant’s hands — don’t let him beat you. But Fisher then got a clean look and drained that shot, and if he had passed Pau Gasol would have had a clean look on the baseline (Dirk Nowitzki hesitates on the close out on Fisher when he senses how open Gasol is and the pass might go there).

The Lakers are the worst three point shooting team in the league and were 0-9 from three in the game before that moment. But when it is Fisher with the game on the line, he knows no fear.