Mike Brown wants to cut back on Kobe Bryant’s minutes


Last season, Phil Jackson expressed frustration at not being able to get Kobe Bryant’s minutes below 33.9 a game — he didn’t want to wear him out, but sometimes he had to ride the hot hand.

This season, Kobe is playing 37.7 minutes per game, nearly four minutes more per game (with less time to rest between games). Only Luol Deng has played more minutes this season than Bryant.

So it’s not shocking to hear Mike Brown echoing what Jackson used to say — he’d like Kobe to play less. From the Orange County Register.

“I do want to get it down,” Brown said Tuesday….

Brown said he wanted to keep Bryant to 35 minutes against Dallas on Monday night, but the nature of the close game pushed Brown to play Bryant 38 minutes.

Sounds familiar. The question is will Brown get enough help from the other 11 guys on the roster to get Kobe that rest?