Kevin Love offers to buy tickets for Timberwolves fans


Now this is community relations. Kevin Love tweeted this over the weekend.

Our fans have been Awesome. Buy a ticket to the Kings game and I’ll buy your seat for Detroit. Call Now!!! 612.673.1640.

It’s not a joke, the offer is real.

The Kings game is Monday, the Pistons game is Tuesday. Traditionally those two games in the middle of the week are not exactly draws in Minny. Now a few more people will show up and take Love up on the offer. Smart.

Thing is, people should be buying tickets to see the Timberwolves — they are fun. Love is an elite power forward, Ricky Rubio has incredible court vision and guys like rookie Derrick Williams can finish around the rim. They aren’t winning a lot yet because that is a process, but they are playing better than their 4-8 record and they are entertaining. Which is a great place to start (last year we were saying the Clippers were entertaining but hadn’t figured out how to win yet).

That kind of community outreach is a reminder of why the Wolves want to get an extension done with Love of his rookie deal before the Jan. 25 deadline. (The sides are talking.)