Are the Bulls taking too long to agree to an extension with Thibodeau?


Tom Thibodeau won 62 games in his first season as Chicago’s head coach. He won Coach of the Year. He took his team to the Eastern Conference Finals. So naturally, the Bulls are taking their time agreeing to an extension with him. And now, there’s a report from New York that he’s not super-thrilled with how long it’s taking. From the New York Daily News:

What’s taking the Bulls so long to say that they’re going to pick up the option on Tom Thibodeau’s contract for next season? According to team sources, last year’s Coach of the Year is not very happy that the team hasn’t discussed his future. Nor should he be.

via No more hot Air as Michael Jordan faces chilling reality in Charlotte – NY Daily News.

I suppose there are a few reasons why the Bulls would wait. The Coach of the Year curse, being one. His success only having manifested itself a year being another. And the fact that the offense was at times horrid last season and that he was badly outcoached in the Eastern Conference Finals, and honestly, struggled in all three rounds of the playoffs probably may deserve a tap of the brakes.

But Thibodeau got Carlos Boozer to play decent defense. He turned Luol Deng into an All-Star worthy player. He helped Derrick Rose become MVP and won a metric ton of games.

You’d think the Bulls would have seen enough to say he’s their guy. Oh, well, not like the Bulls have a long-standing history of trouble with coaches. Oh, wait.