Dwyane Wade suffers significant ankle sprain


The Heat were blown out Friday night by a superior Nuggets team. They were outgunned, outran, out-hustled, outsmarted, and oh, yeah, out-clutched by a Denver team firing on all cylinders.

And that wasn’t even the worst news of the night.

Dwyane Wade suffered a severe ankle sprain in the second half and did not return. He’s listed as day-to-day but will need more evaluation when the Heat return to Miami. Wade confirmed after the game that the ankle was not broken and that X-Rays were negative. However, Wade also said it’s the worst sprain of his career.

Wade calls it one of the worst sprains of his career. “It’s never hurt this bad before,” he said.Sat Jan 14 06:44:45 via Sulia

That’s not good for anyone.

The injury occurred when Wade and Al Harrington scrambled for a loose ball. The injury is in addition to a sore foot Wade has been dealing with, and Lebron James said Friday night that Wade also had a calf strain this week. That’s three leg and foot injuries for Wade inside of a week. For a player that has dealt with injury issues his entire career and with a brutal schedule, that’s about as bad as it comes. The Heat play San Antonio and the Lakers this week and are coming off a three-game losing streak.

So, no, things are not great in Heat land right now.