Video: Two fans just sit down on Mavericks’ bench


We’ve all done it. Left our not so great seats, gotten a beer and then when we walk back into the arena you move down to better seats that some company couldn’t give away to a client or secretary for the night.

But there are limits to how far down you should go. Like, say, sitting on the team’s bench.

It looks like two guys did that on the Mavericks’ bench during their win on Tuesday night. We’re going to assume that the beers in their hands were not the first ones of the evening. Or the second.

Except it may not have gone down that way. According to SBN those seats may actually belong to Aaron Cohen and Chris Smokes (your chill dudes from the video) and it may have been Vince Carter who moved down a few seats, into the more cushy VIP chairs. Which would be a very Vince thing to do.

Either way folks, don’t try this at your next NBA visit. Security personnel around the players at most NBA arenas can be fairly humorless folk, even if we find this video funny.