Deron Williams says Nets offense “sucks.” He just noticed?


Deron Williams has noticed what the rest of us have known for nine games now — the Nets are terrible on offense.

Here is the quote, via the New York Post.

“The offense sucks,” he said. “It’s not very good right now. We’re not playing good. We’re not shooting good, I’m not shooting good, we’re turning the ball over. … When you play a team like [against] the Heat, when you turn the ball over, they’re going to convert, and they’re going to get up 20 points on you early.”

The Nets are 28th in the NBA in offensive efficiency at 93.7 points per 100 possessions. For comparison, the league average is 99.9. But hey, they are better than the Pistons and woeful Wizards, so there is a silver lining.

Williams is spot on, it starts with the fact the Nets as a team shoot just 38.1 percent — which is better than Williams, who is at 34.6 percent. This is where not having Brook Lopez hurts — he’s no Dwight Howard but he has a polished inside offensive game and shot 49.2 percent last year around the basket. The Nets miss getting easy buckets.

While shooting is the big issue, the Nets also turn the ball over on 14.6 percent of their possessions, which is ninth most in the league. They are not taking care of the ball well enough, either.

One other little thing — the Nets defense is also 28th in the league. It sucks, too.