Bobcats’ Corey Maggette out 2-4 weeks with hamstring injury


If you had the under on the “10 games before Corey Maggette gets injured” prop bet collect your winnings.

Maggette will be out two to four weeks with a hamstring issues suffered Thursday night, the team announced. The diagnosis was confirmed by an MRI. Hamstrings can be slow to heal and linger, so the Bobcats are smart to take time and let this fully heal before they bring him back.

Maggette has been giving the Bobcats 12 points a game but has shot just 30 percent on the season. Sure, he still gets to the line (5.2 times per game this season) but if less Maggette means more shots for Gerald Henderson and D.J. Augustin, it could be good for the Bobcats better-than-expected offense. Besides, this is Maggette, did anyone really expect him to play a full season without injury?

Charlotte, 2-4 on the season, gets what should be a tired and frustrated Atlanta Hawks squad on Friday night. Tyrus Thomas will make his season debut tonight and may get a little more run because of the Maggette hammy.