Paper cites Baron Davis injury as a “herniated d*ck”


Due to the “people in glass houses” rule I am loath to report on the typos of other publications, but this one is too funny to pass by without a note.

The Charlotte Observer’s game story about the Bobcats vs. Cavaliers had a note about Baron Davis (remember he was on the Cavaliers roster when training camps opened). The newspaper ran this paragraph according to SBNation (via Eye on Basketball):

Ex-Charlotte Hornet Baron Davis signed with the Knicksafter being cut by Cleveland under the amnesty clause. Davis is recovering from a herniated d*ck.


I mean really, ouch.

Clearly they meant “disc” and the editor at the paper explained what happened as the initial writer using the word “disc” but an editor trying to change it to the paper’s style of “disk.” Except he or she made a typo and…

Baron Davis took it in stride with these tweets.



Goldmember? Oh, forget it, I’m out of here before it gets worse.