Dwyane Wade compares Ricky Rubio to Steve Nash


There’s a long way to go in Ricky Rubio’s career — he’s just 21. We feel like we’ve been hearing about him forever because he burst on the scene at the highest level of Spanish basketball at age 16, but he is still very young.

Even at 21 he has the court vision and sense few others have. Yes, he needs a more consistent shot and other holes in his game need to be filled in, but he has “it.”

Don’t take my word for it, here is what Dwyane Wade told Fox Sports North about the Wolves rookie (via SLAM).

“The kid has something. He has that Steve Nash capability,” Wade said. “They’ve got a gem in him. He’s going to be great for them.”

In the ultimate sign of respect, after Rubio had led a Minnesota comeback with 4 points and 5 assists in the fourth quarter, Miami switched LeBron James over to cover him the final several minutes of the game. Rubio has been controlling the tempo of the game, James disrupted that (as he did to Derrick Rose in the fourth quarters of the Eastern Conference Finals last year).

Who knows how we’ll talk about Rubio in a decade. But there really is the potential there for him to be someone special.