Video: LeBron to Wade game winning ally-oop for Heat


Two games in a row it is Dwyane Wade with the game winner.

This time he got a little help from the Timberwolves (who played a feisty game to stick with the Heat). It was 101-101 with six seconds left and the Heat ran Wade off a series of picks curling back into the lane. Wayne Ellington starts out on Wade but quickly gets picked on the first screen by Shane Battier, Ricky Rubio switches on and keeps chasing Wade off the next picks. Ellington floats out with Battier but his responsibility is to come back and protect the rim. He’s late (watch him see it too late and try and get the pass but miss) and Wade has a relatively easy catch-and-shoot on the lob from LeBron James.

Timberwolves, you can always run a zone (or at least a defense with some zone principles) in that situation. Just sayin’.

The Heat are 4-0, but they haven’t been blowing anyone’s doors off the last couple games. Still counts just the same. And Wade is 2-0 on game-winning shots this season.