Dwight Howard and Deron Williams had dinner. OMG!


This is going to get blown out of proportion, no matter how much I try to tamp it down here. Even if I tell you this kind of thing happens all the time.

Deron Williams went to dinner with Dwight Howard Wednesday night, reports the Star Ledger (via Eye on Basketball). The Nets are in Orlando to get hammered by play the Magic Thursday.

“Since he’s been in the league, every time he comes to town, we go eat dinner and just kick it,” Howard said after the Magic’s shootaround today. “We’ve been friends since the Olympics, and so we go out to eat, have a bite.”

Let’s not be naïve — at some point future plans and if they might play together came up. Williams may have tried to sell him on Brooklyn, they may have talked about Dallas. Heck, they may have talked about Cleveland for all we know. Okay, probably not.

But mostly they probably talked about families and hobbies and whatever else they share in common. Like their gold medals and if they want to get another one next summer. This was not high pressure recruiting and no decisions were made. They talked like friends talk.

These kinds of dinners happen all the time among players. It’s really not a big deal.

What I really want to know is, what did they have to eat? Pho? Steaks? Roast duck in a nice cherry sauce? Dang, now I’m hungry.