Drew Gooden suspended one game for flagrant foul


The moment you saw the foul, you knew Drew Gooden was getting suspended. He’s lucky it is only for one game.

The Bucks’ Gooden was suspended for a game — Tuesday night’s game against the Minnesota Timberwolves — by the league for his flagrant foul Monday on Gerald Henderson of the Charlotte Bobcats. Henderson was going for the layup and Gooden made a play on his head, not the ball. Henderson was not injured. Fortunately.

This could have been worse. It seems that often the league doles out punishment it is based as much on the condition of the person fouled. Guys who make hard plays on the ball but the player gets injured get more severe punishments than guys who make no attempt to play the ball but the player is not injured. That seems unfair to me.

Here’s the foul that got Gooden suspended.