Christmas Eve Super-Shopper Sale! Every Nate Robinson must go!


Sam Amick of Sports Illustrated reports:

Source says OKC Thunder expected to complete a buyout of guard Nate Robinson’s contract by tomorrow morning and he will become a free agent.Sat Dec 24 07:16:14 via TweetDeck

Robinson is only 27, so age isn’t an issue. He’s a veteran, so inexperience isn’t an issue. And he can produce; in New York he was a major scoring option. But it’s difficult to see which team is so in need of a diminutive combo guard (well, outside of Minnesota). Robinson will no doubt land somewhere, but he may not be a central contributor on-court.

Off-court, though, there may not be a better pick-up. What team does’t need the ultimate cheerleader and dance squad leader? Robinson was prolific in last year’s playoffs, celebrating every Thunder 3-pointer like it was a game winning shot in the Finals. Get that guy some pom-poms and you’re set.

Also, how many elves jokes do you think are going to get made if he gets picked up between now and Sunday afternoon?