People still want to be like Mike, fighting over Air Jordans


It’s got to be the shoes!

The retro Air Jordan Concord 2011s dropped Friday and people have flat out lost it. Not you dear reader, but the unwashed masses of sneakerheads out there.

In Seattle police had to use pepper spray and made an arrest in a crowd of more than 1,000 who showed up waiting for one store to open and start selling the shoes. In Lithonia, Ga. (near Atlanta) four people were arrested in a similar situation.

There was a frenzy online as well as orders crashed a couple shoe sites (not Nike’s site, but others), CNBC’s Darren Rovell reports on twitter.

Really people?

You know, when I read that some woman used pepper spray on Black Friday at a Wal*Mart, I shrug because that doesn’t seem out of place for some reason. But rioting over Air Jordans? That I didn’t see coming.

Don’t think we’ll ever see that over the retro Kobe Zoom series.