Stephen Jackson returns to practice with the Bucks


There was plenty of speculation that Stephen Jackson had ulterior motives for skipping out on a few days of Milwaukee Bucks practices — read: money — but maybe not.

Maybe it was all about his back.

Jackson was cleared to practice Tuesday and will be back on the court with the team Wednesday, reports the Journal Sentinel.

But after a visit to orthopedic surgeon Bernard Rawlins in New York on Monday and receiving an epidural on Tuesday in Milwaukee, Jackson was cleared to return….

“I’ll be ready to play tomorrow, unless somebody tells me no,” Jackson said. “I wanted to practice today but I just took the shot this morning. It’s still preseason. The only thing I’m worried about is I’ve got four days to get ready to play that first game. If people expect me to go out there and get 40 points against Charlotte, that’s not my attitude. My attitude is going there and winning. My focus is getting ready to play against Charlotte, and I’ll be ready.”

The Bucks need Jackson to help turn around the worst offense in the NBA last season (101.6 points per possession was dead last). He’ll have a healthy Andrew Bogut and Brandon Jennings, plus he is not the ball stopper that Corey Maggette was last year.

But an epidural has to raise a red flag — that is a powerful painkiller, but it will not solve the problem itself. Something to monitor on the Bucks going forward.