Hey fellow Android phone users, NBC SportsTalk app upgraded


I’m just talking to my fellow Android phone users here (G2, to answer your question). The rest of you, just move along.

I use the NBC SportsTalk app all the time. The one that lets you follow ProFootballTalk, HardballTalk, CollegeFootballTalk, ProHockeyTalk,and the rest (including this humble blog) from your phone or tablet. Best way to keep up with sports news out there — even my mom knows how to work this one. But let’s be honest, there were a couple small glitches (the force close issue).

Fixed and upgraded, so go download the upgrade (version 1.1) now. We’ll wait. You’ll notice that GolfTalkCentral is in there now and a few other tweaks. This isn’t a Microsoft upgrade, this is real and worthwhile.

By the way, the iPhone and the iPad app is still there.