Biyombo will reach into own pocket to play for Bobcats


Bismack Biyombo wanted badly to play for the Charlotte Bobcats this season — so much so that he will reach into his own pocket and pay much of his salary this season to a Spanish club.

Biyombo was under contract to Fuenlabrada for the next two seasons and had a $1.5 million buyout. A number Fuenlabrada would not back off of (why should they?). The Bobcats can only pay $500,000. Biyombo tried negotiations and a civil lawsuit to get a lower buyout, but he lost on every count.

So he has agreed to the buyout and the rookie is on his way to Charlotte, reports Sportando.

That is $1 million out of Biyombo’s pocket straight back to Spain this season. That’s serious dedication — how many players would give up $1 million to get to the NBA?

The 19-year-old Congo native was selected No. 7 overall by the Bobcats in the last draft. He is athletic, a defending and rebounding big man who is going to get a lot of minutes — when Kwame Brown went to Golden State the Bobcats were going to play 6’8” Boris Diaw at center for big minutes. Biyombo is getting a baptism by fire. The faster he can come along this season the better the Bobcats will be (which still will not be very good).