Stephen Jackson missing camp… is it contract issues?


Well, that didn’t take long.

Stephen Jackson has missed a few practices with the Milwaukee — he is expected to be a focal point of the Bucks’ offense — due to what is officially being called back spasms.

But there is already speculation growing around the team that the real issue is Jackson wants a contract extension and hasn’t gotten one, reports the Journal-Sentinel. Even though he gets $9.6 million this year and $10 million next year.

League sources said Jackson sought a contract extension last season from the Charlotte Bobcats and that was one of the primary reasons they shipped him to Milwaukee….

There is growing speculation, though, that Jackson is upset the Bucks haven’t approached him about reconstructing his contract and that he was now going to approach them.

Under the new CBA, an extension can only take a player to four years total, which means the Bucks could only extend two more years on the back of that contract. Those would be ages 35 and 36 if you tacked them on.

Best way to earn an extension? Really go out and ball, prove you are too valuable not to keep. Just sayin’.