It’s official, Rip Hamilton signs with Chicago Bulls


This is about as surprising as another celebrity death hoax on twitter.

Richard Hamilton has signed with the Chicago Bulls, making official what everyone knew was coming from the minute the Pistons announced they were buying out his contract last week. This is a three-year, $15 million deal with Chicago but only the first two years are fully guaranteed.

Rip Hamilton is not the same All-Star level player from 2005 — he’s a step slower, he can’t create his own shot and his defense is not what it was. That said, he is a huge upgrade for the Bulls at the two guard — he average 14 points a night and shot 38 percent from three last year, numbers that would make the Bulls very, very happy. He is going to run off down screens, move off the ball and give Derrick Rose another target.

Keith Bogans and Ronnie Brewer are behind him, but Brewer is having a good camp so don’t be shocked to see him get more run off the bench. That said, this is Rip’s starting spot. And closing spot.

In an arms race with the Heat (and to a lesser degree the Knicks) the Bulls just got better.