Lakers are already NBA Facebook champions


You like the Lakers. You really like them.

We can tell because you actually pushed the “like” button on Facebook for the Lakers more than any other team in professional sports, reports Yahoo Sports.

The Los Angeles Lakers quietly became the first American sports franchise to accumulate 11 million Facebook fans. Bryant’s team isn’t just tops among NBA teams; Hollywood’s favorite basketball squad leads all North American sports franchises when it comes to the social network.

The Lakers actually rank fourth worldwide, trailing European soccer powers Manchester United, Real Madrid and the king of Facebook, FC Barcelona, which has 23,128,028 fans.

The Lakers have nearly double the Facebook fans of the Boston Celtics, who are second in the NBA.

Why? Kobe Bryant? The Laker Girls? Pau Gasol’s infectious smile? Metta World Peace’s dancing skills? The color combination of purple and gold?

Who knows? This is Facebook, where Farmville because a hit. There is no telling what people will like.

But it shows you the international power of the Lakers brand.