The Nets have a new logo… for their last year in Jersey


Jersey Strong. Brooklyn Ready.

That is your new Nets slogan for this season, the team’s last in the swamps of Jersey. Please don’t ask us to explain it.

To the right, you see the new logo, celebrating 35 years of history in the state they are deserting (with nice ABA ball touch to recall the franchise’s start). Well done, leaving Jersey with the same style you’ve become famous for.

The New York Times has quotes from the Nets about this.

“It will be our farewell moniker,” said Fred Mangione, the team’s chief marketing officer. “As we go out, we want to go out the right way.”

The team got league approval to put the logo on the players’ uniforms. It will also be on the court at Prudential Center and, of course, on a blizzard of merchandise. On opening night, the logo will appear on a magnetic team schedule and Deron Williams No. 8 replica Nets jersey that fans will receive.

For the record, I have no idea what that slogan is supposed to mean. Just get them to Brooklyn and we’ll see if they can find some focus there.