New suggested Sixers mascots are… um… unimpressive


I don’t think there were many ideas that would make Sixers fans long for the return of Hip Hop.

If you forgot, Hip Hop was the Sixers mascot that nobody really liked. So much so that after polling season ticket holders about the game-day experience the new Philadelphia owners axed him.

But they commissioned new guys (including Jim Henson’s studio) and the stuff to the right are your three options.

I’ll let describe it for you.

The Sixers unveiled their new choices for mascot on Monday and the trio features cartoonish versions of Ben Franklin (Big Ben), a dog (B. Franklin Dogg) and a moose (Phil E. Moose). Yes, a moose in Philadelphia. All three of the characters sport Sixers attire with B. Franklin Dogg even donning a Liberty Bell shaped hat with a 76ers logo.

I don’t love the Dogg or Moose, but I really do not get Big Ben. First off, “a penny saved is a penny earned” does not apply to NBA owners or players. Second, bald fat guys can be found in NBA media seating, not on the court.

But, whatever makes Philly happy. Although does anything make Philly fans happy? Is “none of the above” really the worst choice here?