Limits on “amnesty” leaked, including seven-day window


Fans love to talk about the amnesty clause — the idea of just wiping away one of your GMs bad contracts is intoxicating. But fans are bound to be disappointed because if even five guys get waived that way this year I’d be surprised.

That said, the details of how the amnesty will work are starting to leak out.

First, teams will have a seven-day window this season to use the amnesty provision this year, and if they don’t use it the amnesty goes away to 2012, reports Marc Stein of ESPN. What those seven days are not yet known, but they will be soon.

Over at Point Forward on Sports Illustrated, Zach Lowe has a bunch of details on the amnesty provision. Here are the highlights.

• Teams will not be able to use the amnesty provision on a player acquired in a trade going forward….

• Teams will not be able to use the new “stretch” provision on players they acquire via the amnesty process… Teams can use the provision only on “new” contracts, or deals that don’t yet exist….

• Finally: If a team bids on a player in the amnesty waiver process, it is bidding on the full length of his contract, not just the first season.

So if a team were to bid on Gilbert Arenas you get him for three years, not just one, but at the price you bid. (If a team bids $5 million for him, they pick up that much of his salary, the Magic still pay the rest but it doesn’t count against their cap or tax.)

Interesting. But you will see more teams use it in a couple of years than you will this year.