Jason Terry seeks extension with Mavericks


Jason Terry may well be the real bellwether for the future of the Dallas Mavericks — do they keep the band together and try to win one more or start building for the future fast.

Terry — the perennial sixth man of the year candidate — is set to make $10.7 million in this, the last year of his deal. (Obviously, he gets a pro-rated share of that due to the lockout.)

And he wants an extension, he tells ESPNDallas.com.

“My focus is to sign an extension because being the core of what we’ve built to this point, I believe they want me here,” Terry said. “And if the extension is not done, then that tells me something different. And so, I’m going to put all my efforts out here to prove to everybody in this league that I’m going to be here for another four to five years playing at a high level.”

Terry will turn 35 by next season, making it unlikely he gets a four or five year deal from anyone.

There are reports the Mavericks want to preserve their cap space next summer to make a run at Deron Williams. To start getting young stars and looking to the future rather than keep this team together.

Terry may be the best way to tell what Dallas is thinking (he or Tyson Chandler, who is a free agent right now). If they want to keep the band together, they will offer Terry a few more years, as he is a valuable part of their squad. If it is time to rebuild they let him go. Just something to watch.