Grant Hill choices down to Suns, Clippers, Knicks, Bulls

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It’s going to come down to what Grant Hill really, really wants.

He has narrowed his free agent teams down to four quite different choices, reports David Aldridge at

Grant Hill has his free agent Final Four, according to sources: the incumbent Suns, the Clippers, the Bulls and the Knicks. Each provides its own opportunities.

The Suns have to be the frontrunners, if for no other reason than Hill has said there was a “good chance” he would return there. The training staff in Phoenix has helped revive his career, and playing along side Steve Nash makes things fun.

The Bulls are title contenders who need the things Hill provides at the two guard. If a ring is the primary motivation, this is his best stop.

New York brings the chance to be on what should be a good team playing in the nation’s biggest market. He could be a key veteran on a team trying to find its way up to the elite.

The Clippers are a good young team that needs a veteran and a wing player to help lead them. They are also under the salary cap and can pay more (although it is a Donald Sterling production so how much more remains to be seen). It would be fun to play with Blake Griffin and be part of a team on the rise.

So what exactly does Grant Hill want?