Report: Hornets wouldn’t mind a Paul for Stephen Curry deal


This is a long shot, it’s more about a glimpse into the thinking of the New Orleans Hornets as they do a dance with Chris Paul.

If it comes to trading Paul, the Hornets have their eye on Stephen Curry, according to a tweet from Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury News.

Multiple NBA sources: If the Hornets consider trading Chris Paul, one player they really like is Stephen Curry & have told GSWs that.

Before Warriors fans get excited, remember that you now have to get CP3 to sign a long-term extension in the Bay Area, and that is not likely. At all. He’s not a West Coast guy and while the Warriors new owners are working hard to change the culture of the franchise players are not totally trusting of that yet.

But this gives you an idea where the Hornets are mentally — they want a young player who can be part of the future, a personable guy who would be popular in the community, a guy who can put points on the board. That is what they want.

It likely will not be Curry. But you get the idea.