Tony Allen has Christmas gifts stolen. That sucks.


This is why I don’t do my Christmas shopping until the last minute… okay, that’s not true. I’m just lazy.

But this just sucks — Tony Allen’s mom had the gifts for her son stolen out of her rental car, reports (via SLAM).

Tony Allen says that someone has stolen $20,000 worth of clothing out of a rental car that his mother was using.

His mother returned a rent-a-car to Enterprise… and left the goods in the car. She later realized that she didn’t have the merchandise, called the rental car company and was told that nothing was found in the vehicle. Among the items stolen were high dollar sweaters, shoes, and shirts meant for the NBA star as Christmas gifts.

All I can picture is a sad little Charlie Brown Christmas tree in the Allen house with no gifts under it now.

Somehow, I think the Allen family will get through this just fine. Still sucks, though.