Nets GM says he hasn’t talked to Orlando in a year. Riiiight.


And now comes the denial of the rumors. Which none of us will believe.

Nets GM Billy King played dumb denied rumors that he is about to pitch Orlando on a Dwight Howard trade for Brook Lopez and picks, reports Howard Beck of the New York Times in this tweet.

Hanging in East Rutherford today, where Billy King says he hasn’t talked to Orlando Magic since February


Right. And Jerry Buss spent the lockout living in a Buddhist monastery.

First off, GMs talk all the time, or their underlings talk all the time. Sometimes though back channels. So this is one of those where King can say he never spoke to them but to suggest the Nets and Magic have not had talks and shared information is ludicrous.

Right now, everybody is talking to Orlando. If you’re not, you’re not doing your job.

Orlando may not be ready to move on a deal yet — they want to convince Howard to stay in Orlando. But until Howard signs an extension or gets traded, rumors are going to swirl around the Magic like they did Denver last year. And you can ask the Nuggets how much that helped the team on the court.