Report: Yi Jianlian out 2-4 weeks


Players will be making their way back from overseas now that the lockout is effectively over, yes, even those that signed with the Chinese Basketball Association and their “no opt-out” rule. You’re going to see a slew of releases over everything from “injuries” like strained hamstrings to “personal differences” as reasons why CBA teams “release” their NBA players.

But one that appears legitimate is Yi Jianlian’s knee injury. Via

Sina Sports recently reported that the knee injury isn’t too serious, but unlike JR Smith, Yi will still be forced to rest for at least two weeks.  Here’s a link to Sina’s article in Chinese, and an excerpt from my poorly-translated version that’s just good enough to get the point across…

The results show for the medial collateral ligament injury, the initial diagnosis requires at least two weeks of rest. However, the club said Monday [Yi] will also visit Hong Kong for further examination and treatment.

via Yi Jianlian Has Strained Ligament In Right Knee, Out Two Weeks To A Month | NBA 24/7 365.

Yi’s going to have a hard time finding a roster spot on a revamped frontcourt with Chris Singleton and Jan Vesely along with returning starters Andray Blatche and JaVale McGee. This just puts a further damper on his prospects. Yi’s never found a niche in the NBA. He might honestly be better off playing out the year in China.