“Pawn Stars” show hopes to hire out of work NBA player


I think we may have finally found the perfect job for Delonte West.

Pawn Stars” — the History Channel’s hit show that is tenuously tied to history — is looking to bring in an out of work NBA player.

That’s the report from TMZ, (via Inside Hoops).

TMZ has learned …”Pawn Stars” honcho Rick Harrison is adamant that he wants to help a struggling, talented, out-of-work NBA player earn a paycheck during the never-ending lockout.

We’re told the job would require the baller to work the counter just like everyone else in the shop. As for salary — we’re told Rick will work out the details depending on who applies for the gig.

Clearly to make this work, you don’t want the rational, reasoned NBA player, so Jared Dudley is out. Delonte or Metta World Peace, now we’re talking. Better yet, maybe we need to see Kevin Garnett’s glare during negotiations with some poor shlub trying to make a few bucks off his grandfather’s military medals. I’d watch that.