Jerseys for Obama fundraiser game are pretty sweet


Conveniently on the market just in time for Black Friday, we bring you the latest in presidential basketball game wear.

Barack Obama is hosting a charity fundraising game Dec. 12 that will feature a number of NBA players helping Obama pad his reelection campaign coffers. (If there is a Thanksgiving miracle and the lockout is solved this weekend, you can be assured that David Stern and the league will make sure this high-profile game still goes off with all its stars.)

What you see here are the jerseys for the game… which are pretty sweet, frankly (via Deadspin). And of course, you can buy one for yourself at the president’s fundraising Web site. If I were still buying jerseys and not using that money for trivialities such as feeding my children, I’d seriously be considering the purchase.

We’re just passing this along to help out your Black Friday purchasing, so you’re not one of the fools sitting in front of Best Buy all day waiting for the store to open. (Hint: They are having the same sale online.)