Craig Ehlo talks about being on the wrong end of history


It is one of the defining moments of Michael Jordan’s career.

Chicago was down 100-99 to Cleveland with three seconds left in a deciding Game 5 (it was a best-of-five playoff series back then). The Cavs were ahead because of Craig Ehlo — Chicago had forgot to defend him on the last play and he had hit a layup before Jordan could recover.

The Bulls had just three seconds to score, miss and they go home.

Ehlo was defending Jordan and was on the wrong end of history, something he talked about with

“I was in a dead run, so I flew right by him with my hand in his face,” Ehlo said. “People always say that I played good defense because I had a hand in his face. He was able to hang in the air for a longer period of time than I was, and let me fly by… The rest is history.”

Now 22 years later, Ehlo is philosophical about the play for which he is most remembered.

“Everybody has a great signature moment,” says Ehlo. “My signature moment came on a bad side, but I still consider it a great signature moment.”