Here’s a picture of Kevin Durant in a German pro basketball uniform

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Now that the prospect of a lost NBA season is a likelihood rather than just a possibility, players are going to be increasing those conversations with teams in Europe to try to get a deal to play somewhere for money while the lawyers sort things out. Kevin Durant is reportedly doing just that, and as you might imagine, fans in the cities of the teams rumored to be in the running are getting excited.

The folks at K1X couldn’t wait to see what Durant might look like in one of Germany’s professional basketball uniforms, so they took matters into their own hands and created the mock photo you see to your right. (The full version can be seen here.) The colors are those of BBC Bayreuth, a team in Germany’s “highest pro basketball division.”

How’s he look? OK, I guess. Just not as good as he does repping the Oklahoma City Thunder. But if the NBA’s stars do actually start to migrate to European teams, hardcore basketball fans will eventually get used to it.