Don’t expect President Obama to help with lockout either


NBA fans desperate for one voice of reason to step in and smack the NBA owners and players to their senses better not look to president Barack Obama for that help.

Obama, a huge basketball and NBA fan (who attended Michigan State vs. North Carolina on an aircraft carrier last week), is treating the NBA lockout the same way he is treating the Republican presidential debates — stay out of the way of that train wreck.

Obama told the New York Times he is no stepping in to help with the lockout.

Asked about the impasse between the NBA owners and players, Mr. Obama quipped, “It’s killing me.” But he said, “I’m not going to intercede. I’ve got some bigger fish to fry.”

“In a contest between billionaires and millionaires,” Mr. Obama said, “they should be able to figure out how to divvy up their profits in a way that serves their fans, who are allowing them to be making all this money — not to mention all the folks who work in the concession stands and in the parking lots of facilities all across the country.”

So, I guess we NBA fans are left with Knicks owner James Dolan as the voice of reason. No, that doesn’t make me feel very good, either.