Kevin Durant says he’s ready to “jump” overseas


Kevin Durant has spent his lockout playing in every exhibition game under the sun. He wants to ball. Obsessively. But he’s also been very firm on the lockout, being a leader for the “don’t get screwed” side. He’s waited out the question of playing overseas, wanting to take it to the very last minute. Apparently Durant thinks that minute is here.

From Yahoo! Sports:

“I’m right on the fence with playing overseas and I’m about to jump over,” Durant said in a phone interview from Josh Howard’s(notes) celebrity game in Dallas.

via Durant doesn’t support taking NBA offer – NBA – Yahoo! Sports.

Durant may have a harder time finding a gig than he thinks. Teams abroad already have their seasons in play. They’ve got budgets set. He’ll pull in offers, but it may not be the bidding war he’d expect for a player of his caliber. Then again, if the season really is detonated and canceled, and teams can know they get him for the rest of the season for sure, that could change quite a few things.

So hey, some people abroad can root for Kevin Durant. That’s good, right? Good to share?

I’m going back to my Cure albums and whiskey, now.